Dance the pounds away with CelyFit and D-SKO Fitness

Two ways to get fit and boogie into a new you

Most people are trying to hang on to their commitment to work out. Sometimes going to the gym and doing the same thing can be boring. If you want something different, there are two classes that will definitely get your body moving to the beat and shedding those pounds.

If you want to break out your inner salsa dancer and sweat while you shake, the Samba/Zumba dance class at CelyFit in West Bloomfield is the perfect class for you. This class includes various types of dancing, which really makes it stand out. From samba, salsa, merengue, reggeton, and lambda, you're moving so many muscles that your body didn't know it had. Most of the dance classes are taught by the owner, Cely Dias, a former professional dancer who is originally from Brazil. 

Next, is a homegrown exercise class called Do Some Kind of fitness (D-SKO). It is built around kickboxing, hip-hop dancing and boot camp. Corey Simms, the creator of D-SKO, said he created the workout while he was an exercise boot camp instructor as a way to keep clients moving in between workouts. They started to ask to do it and it became its own entity. 

Both classes have a fee to participate but will not work out your wallet.