Double Dare host Marc Summers brings the show to Detroit

Throwback, do you remember the show "Double Dare" from your childhood? Well it is the longest running game show to ever be on Nickelodeon. and now you can see it live. Double Dare Live - is at the Fox Theater tonight and it will give you the experience of the hit family game show. Of course, the original host Marc Summers is the host of the live show. 

The show ran from 1986 to 1994, parents grew up watching the show and are now able to get their kids involved with all the hype. "The grownups who grew up watching the show now have kids the same age they were at the time. The cool part for me is the grownups, I think, have more fun than the kids," said Summers. "When I go through the audience and select people, it is always the growups saying 'pick me', as opposed to the kids." The first act is 40 people on stage, 20 kids and 20 adults against each other in a competition. 

In act two - of the show, four families are selected to play "Double Dare," as it was seen on television, and then do an obstacle course. Some families can walk away with a thousand dollars if they do all eight obstacles in 60 seconds or less. Don't worry, there is also a ton of slime and plenty of mess. 

"I think the way kids see it now, the messier the better," said Summers. 

If you want to see Marc Summers and Double Dare Live, the show is at the Fox Theater tonight at 7 p.m. You can buy tickets online.