Make your spring cleaning less of a chore!

Maybe you've already started your spring cleaning around the house, or maybe you've been putting it off. Either way, home expert Lou Manfredini with our friends at Fix-It Enterprises is here to help make those chores a little less than "a chore." 

Starting with the outside - mold and mildew can make our homes look like they need a new roof or new siding, but there is a more affordable place to start. Wet and Forget is a cleaner that has been around for decades that does not contain any bleach or harsh chemicals. They have a new rapid application hose that allows you to spray the product up to 30 feet, allowing you to get those tough to reach areas. This even works for the roof! Just spray the product on and it works with Mother Nature to take the mold and mildew off. It can cover over 2,000 square feet. 

Moving indoors, how can you clean up mold and mildew inside the house? If there is an area of the home that is damp or tends to be more humid than others (like the bathroom), there is a pad called Moisture Grabbers that puff up like a diaper, absorbing the excess water. You can also clean away the mold and mildew stains with Duo Blast. It combines two formulas in one to really get rid of those tough stains, according to Manfredini. While many tend to use bleach to clean up these stains, Manfredini says "that is the worse thing for a porous material." Both these products are made by Concrobium, and are nontoxic and should be safe to use around children and pets. 

Now, a lot of times when you are cleaning you are stuck using floral smelling products, but not everyone likes the smell. Manfredini has a great solution to that and it is called Hero Clean. This line of cleaning products was created by a Vietnam veteran and they donate some of their profits to first responders and military organizations. Their products use enzymes to get rid of the unpleasant odors without giving you that flowery smell. They have laundry detergent, hand soap, and multi-purpose cleaners.

If you have granite countertops at home, how do you clean them? Many people use spray-and wipe products, and those don't really work the best for the material. Granite Gold is a cleaning product made by a company who also makes the granite countertops themselves, and they have a 3 part cleaning system. They have one product to clean up the mess, another to polish, and one more to seal the granite. Granite is a porous material so sealing it is important to keep the messes from absorbing into it. You can test if your granite needs sealing at home. Put a spoonful of water on the countertop and leave it for a while, if it remains beaded up your countertop is sealed, if it absorbs in, it needs to be sealed. They also have a product for quartz countertops as well.

As the weather gets warmer, the smells get riper, and there is a product that will not cover up an odor, but instead, get rid of it. Funk Away is a hypoallergenic, nontoxic odor molecule grabber. So essentially, according to Manfredini, it grabs onto the odors and eliminates it. It works really well to get rid of the smell on sports equipment and pads. They also have a laundry additive to get rid of odors along with your regular detergent. This product also does not contain any harsh chemicals. 

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