Here's where you can chow down when you're at Kalahari Resorts!

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Whether you are taking a quick break from the slides to grab a bite to eat, or you want to sit down to a nice meal after a fun packed day, Kalahari has something for you. They have several different eateries both in and out of the water park.

If you are looking for a buffet of food,  their Great Karoo is the place for you. The buffet is connected to their main lobby and serves both breakfast and dinner. Another sit-down restaurant is their Ivory Coast Restaurant which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They serve a variety of dishes from their fish tacos to stir fry. 

Their newest restaurant is the B-Lux Grill and Bar. It is known for its monstrous burgers and shakes. Their mushroom swiss burger features a juicy patty topped with roasted portobello mushrooms and smothered in a creamy Swiss cheese fondue. The milkshakes are definitely eyecatchers with everything from popcorn to a whole donut perched on top. They come in both an adult (alcoholic) and kid-friendly (non-alcoholic) varieties. 

They also have a couple of bars on the premises, as well as a couple of smaller eateries inside the waterpark. For dessert, you can pop on over to the Candy Hut which features a wide range of sweet treats from classics like ice cream and caramel apples to interesting ones like chocolate covered jalapenos. 

No matter your mood, Kalahari has something for you. 

To see more of what Kalahari Resorts offers, including their special packages, and to make your family reservation, visit their website at kalahariresorts.com.

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