Sing us a song with the piano man at new karaoke bar Sid Gold's Request Room in Detroit

From the owners of the piano karaoke bar in New York City

There is a new club in Detroit where you can enjoy drinks with friends and you'll want to bring your singing voice. It's part karaoke and part piano bar and our Kila Peeples was one of the first to experience Sid Gold's Request Room after hours. 

Since music is the cornerstone of what makes Detroit the city it is, this place is a great way to leave your musical mark. Sid Gold's Request Room opened mid-July and it's almost hidden down the alley of the Siren Hotel. It's also what happens when a seasoned bar owner from New York teams up with a former English rock bandmember (Psychedelic Furs) and opens a unique bar. The first Sid Gold's opened in New York City in 2015. It rapidly became one of the places to go, even celebrities are getting on stage and singing a tune or two there.

Now Detroit Rock City is the new home for Sid Golds, and the set up is pretty cool. If you need to have some liquid courage before you take the stage, the bar offers up some tasty cocktails with familiar names of musicians and songs titles. Then you head to the back room where you find a song that tickles your fancy, and the piano player tickles the keys. There will be rotating piano players but they all know hundreds of songs, ranging from pop, rock, R&B, even punk.

Sid Gold's is located at 1515 Broadway, Detroit Michigan in the Siren Hotel.