Three Cats restaurant in Clawson is ready to serve up purr-fect dishes

Eclectic restaurant is located in a former movie theater

There is a new restaurant in Clawson that takes the concept of shop where you eat to another level. It's called Three Cats and comes from Mary Liz Curtain, the brain behind the lifestyle store, Leon and Lulu. Curtain is opening an addition to her store that promises to be the cat's meow.

Three Cats serves up a fusion of retail and American-styled dining. Curtain has partnered with chef Matt Prentice who will be cooking up fare that is a majority of nationally and locally-sourced produce and spirits. If you like the chairs or tables you sit at, you can purchase them too. 

Some dishes include a salmon lox trifle, made with lox cured in-house, homemade ice cream, sandwiches made with freshly baked breads, and even vegan dishes. For dessert, a chocolate pudding, made with local cream is a highlight. 

Three Cats opens Friday, September 20 and is located in Clawson, adjacent to Leon and Lulu.

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