This Royal Oak bar is perfect for the vegans and carnivores in your life!

It will have you saying, "I can't believe that's not chicken"

Do you have a friend or family member who is vegan or vegetarian, or maybe you're a vegan yourself, and you all wanted to go out  to grab a bite to eat but couldn't find a place where some of you could get a juicy burger, while the others enjoyed a large selection of vegan comfort food? Well, there is a place in Royal Oak that is the perfect solution to that dilemma, Ale Mary's. 

Ale Mary's is your classic neighborhood bar with plenty of craft beers and a good whiskey selection, but they have one major twist, half their menu is vegan. 

"Definitely comfort food," said General Manager Justin Pries when asked what kind of food they serve.  "Comfort food with a twist." As he put it, they serve up vegan food that is like "what the vegans ate before they were vegans."

However, Ale Mary's didn't start off as this vegan and omnivore heaven. It was originally extra dining room space for their nextdoor neighbor and sister restaurant, Tom's Oyster Bar. The owners noticed they weren't using that space to its fullest potential, so they decided to open up the craft beer-focused restaurant, Ale Mary's. 

Over the years Ale Mary's added on a good whiskey selection, and one dish that changed the trajectory of their business, the Impossible Burger. After seeing another local spot draw in droves of people with this new vegan burger, they decided to get in on it as well. Listening to customer feedback they altered their kitchen so they could have an entirely vegan station complete with its own flat top, oven, stove, fryer, and cold prep area. They also looked at vegan groups online to see what the community wanted and made their dreams a delicious reality. That is how items like their famed vegan milkshakes made it onto the menu, as well as their vegan Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. Don't worry though, they still have plenty of options for the meat eaters as well, including their number one burger which is doused in ooey-gooey beer cheese. 

So, no matter if you're vegan, vegetarian, or a hard-core carnivore, Ale Mary's has some delicious comfort food ready for you. 

Ale Mary's is located at 316 S. Main St. in Royal Oak. 



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