Tony Packo's surprises Jason Carr for his Birthday

Tony Packo's drove in from Toledo for Jason's special day

After Jason Carr took a trip with his daughter to Sandusky he raved about the great food at Tony Packo's restaurant in Toledo, Ohio. 

To his surprise, Tony Packo's was on Live in the D for his birthday and even brought a giant Packo's hot dog to celebrate! Jason Carr and Tati Amare were joined by Scott Radel and Lindsey Bond from the restaurant to learn more about Jason's favorite food stop in Toledo. 

Tony Packo's features a hot dog that is cut in half with a special beef sauce and topped with sweet and spicy pickles. Their other main dishes are chicken paprikash and stuffed cabbage. Packo's also has a variety of products and gift boxes you can order online or buy at local grocery stores. 

Packo's opened in 1932 and has 5 locations. Take a road trip to Toledo for an experience you won't forget at Tony Packo's. Make sure to look for Jason Carr's signed hot dog bun on the wall!

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