Is consignment shopping cool?

Today is National Consignment Day and for "What's the Buzz," we're talking all about second-hand shopping. Is consignment shopping cool? Is it taboo to give something second-hand as a gift? Would you resale shop online?

Joining hosts Jason Carr and Tati Amare on the couch to talk about it were Blaine Fowler, host of "The Blaine Fowler Morning Show" on 96.3 WDVD, and Alexis Hubbard, a personalized consignment shopper who also works at Local 4. 

Alexis loves the hunt to find a good deal. She showed off her skills by wearing a $300 Ralph Lauren blazer that she got for just $2.99! Blaine, on the other hand, loves to shop for used instruments and has started fielding requests from friends to get some of his unique finds.

Michelle Oliver joined the group as well with comments from the Live in the D Facebook Page. Check them out here:

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Posted by Live in the D on Sunday, October 6, 2019

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