Dine in the D at Truago in Trenton

Homemade American food with a twist!

TRENTON- Truago won Vote 4 the Best "Brunch" competition so you know it's a great place to eat!

Stumped on the name? There's a history lesson behind it! The city of Trenton use to be called "Truago" from 1837 to 1847. 

Truago has something for everyone! Whether you are looking for brunch or dinner from their 140-item menu, they have something you will enjoy.

Michelle Oliver got a chance to cook one of Truago's top-selling dishes, Lemon Feta Chicken. She cooked the citrus-marinated chicken and added it to a bed of rice with housemade-mango salsa.

The owner of Truago, Jeremy Syrocki, joined Tati Amare and Jason Carr on the show to talk about their top-selling dishes and the community-feeling of the restaurant.

Syrocki brought dishes like prime rib, apple-berry salad and lobster topped biscuits to show their array of menu items. The most interesting dish they brought was bone marrow. It is only offered as a special but always sells out. 

Syrocki is also opening a new restaurant in Wyandotte called Major Biddles. 

Truago is located at 2775 W Jefferson Ave, Trenton, MI 48183.  

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