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Northwood University is getting into competitive gaming and recruiting players

Northwood University College Esports on Live in the D

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When you think of college athletics do you envision football or basketball? What about competitive gaming?

Esports is now a varsity sport at Northwood University. Video game competitions draw millions of views every year, and the some of the best players can become millionaires in the sport.

Host Jason Carr was joined by head coach Cody Elsen along with two varsity players to talk about the Esports program at Northwood University.

Coach Elsen says the team recruits like other varsity sports and also has scholarships. Each person plays different games and competes against other gamers across the world. Coach Elsen also announced that Northwood University will be the first university in Michigan to offer a bachelor’s degree in Esports Management.

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Watch this video to find out more information about Esports at Northwood University.

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