Let Dittrich Furs keep you warm this season

Win a $600 gift card from Dittrich Furs

Dittrich Furs 12 Days of giveaways
Dittrich Furs 12 Days of giveaways

This article is sponsored by Dittrich Furs.

Dittrich Furs is offering a $600 gift card as part of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! The prize is added to all of the upcoming prizes and they stack up throughout the contest.

Host Jason Carr spoke with Clarence Albert about Dittrich Furs new looks.

Clarence believes that Dittrich Furs has stayed in business for so long because they give the people what they want. Right now, they are stepping away from tradition and going towards more fun, fashionable outerwear with bright colors and knitted furs.

Watch the video to see some of the striking fashions Dittrich Furs offers.

To learn more visit Dittrichfurs.com

Each day of our 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaways we reveal a new prize and they pile up on top of each other. Watch tomorrow when we reveal a new prize at 10am!

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