Coffee Upcycle honors the military with fashion

Used military surplus items are recycled into fashionable totes and bags

Detroit – A local woman with a passion for fashion is paying tribute to veterans with her homegrown business. You’ll find her creations at Eastern Market, where she got her inspiration to start her business, Coffee Upcycle. Amy Coffee says a trip to Devries & Co at Eastern Market changed her life when she found a burlap bag with her last name on it and transformed it into a purse. She received so many compliments and requests for them, she started making and selling them.

She then took her love for the military, and rock music, and began creating bags and totes of all sizes. She takes donated items that include used military uniforms, old medical and mail items, as well as hardware, and turns them into cool, sturdy bags. Coffee uses old guitar straps to add a colorful flair to the bags as well.

Amy’s father and husband served in the military and she saw this as a way to pay homage to the heroes in her life that served, and to honor the unsung men and women who risk their lives daily. She also loves the durability and edginess of the materials saying it mirrors that of the city of Detroit.

You can find Coffee Upcycle bags and totes at Eastern Market where they have a permanent stand.

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