Have a snack and a drink at Chatime

Ann arbor has the first Chatime in Michigan

Bubble tea with Chatime on Live in the D

It’s Chatime in Ann Arbor!

Host Tati Amare chatted with Meredith Bruckner, Community News Producer of allaboutannarbor.com and Angel Chan owner of Chatime in Ann Arbor, about the growing popularity of bubble tea in our area.

Bubble tea makes your tea more fun since you can add edible pearls to your drink. You can choose from all kinds of other additions such as red beans or tapioca balls or rainbow jelly, or coconut jelly pearls to your drink. The drink is filled with fresh tea with milk and cream topping. What’s unique about Chatime is that they handshake the drinks instead of using a machine.

Chatime is located around the country but their first store in Michigan is in Ann Arbor.

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