Float off to a “Distant Land” this Music Monday

Live In The D takes a look at a young artist who is breaking barriers between music genres

Music Monday with Hanna Baiardi on Live in the D
Music Monday with Hanna Baiardi on Live in the D

Music is something that transcends time and space. Almost everyone can agree, whatever genre it is, they love to hear good music. With that in mind, our guest for Music Monday wants to do what she can to write music that breaks down genre stereotypes.

Host Tati Amere and Jason Carr were joined today by singer-songwriter Hannah Baiardi to discuss her new music. Baiardi first discovered her talent for piano and song writing at the age of three! Since then she has studied jazz at the University of Michigan, and released her first EP in 2018.

Hanna says since she is inspired by so many other artists, it allows her to add diversity to her music and not be tied down to one specific way of playing jazz. Baiardi’s single “Distant Land” was released earlier this year. It’s a song about allowing ourselves to take a break from the negativity in life and focus on the positives.

Click on the video to hear more from Hannah Baiardi and her band.