Germs are hiding in unexpected places

Some germs are a lot closer than you think!

Host Tati Amare and Dr. Katherine Reyes from Henry Ford Health Systems discussed places where germs may be hiding and how you can keep them down to a minimum.

Dr. Reyes says that cleaning and disinfecting are two different things. Cleaning is simply lifting the dirt and germs off the surfaces and disinfecting uses chemicals to deactivate the harmful materials found inside the germ. Focusing on the most touched surfaces is the most important part of staying germ-free.

Gym bags are one of the places where germs may sneak in. Gym clothes and shoes are areas that can be warm and moist--two things germs love the most. By cleaning out the bag, it minimizes the amount of germ build-up. Dr. Reyes recommends taking off your gym clothes immediately after a work out.

Another place germs love to hang out is the laundry basket. Because this is another warm and moist area it is imperative that you wipe down the inside of the basket as well as the handles on the basket.

Keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer and wipes in the car with you is another way you can keep from catching a bug. When you come in from pumping gas or picking up friends or family Dr. Reyes says simply wipe down the steering wheel or other surfaces you may see.

Not all germs are bad for you but Dr. Reyes believes that by cleaning and disinfecting lowers your chances of running into harmful germs.

To see other places germs may be hiding and how you can keep yourself and your family healthy click on the video above.