Support Covid Relief while performing Quarantine Karaoke

Raye Williams uses her music to give back to the Beaumont Health System

Raye Williams on Music Monday Live in the D

It’s Music Monday and Raye Williams put on a show from home!

Host Jason Carr and Tati Amare chatted with singer and songwriter Raye Williams about life during quarantine and how she is using her music to give back.

Raye is signed to the Title: Unplugged program. The program gave her home equipment and now because of the pandemic she has been able to put the equipment to good use by performing at home from her basement on social media.

Raye was treated for cervical cancer at Beaumont Hospital and she is using her music to give back. She has created the Quarantine Karaoke on social media which gives viewers the chance to sing with Raye on Facebook and Instagram Live. All the proceeds go to support Beaumont Heath Foundation Covid Relief.

Raye also performed her version of “Higher Love.”

Watch the video to learn more about Raye Williams and see her performance.

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