Try Hour Detroit’s take-out restaurant bracket

The magazine is hosting a friendly competition between some of the area’s most popular restaurants

Hour Detroit Restaurants on Live in the D

Cooking every night can be not just repetitive, but a little cumbersome with all of the preparation and cleaning afterwards. Hour Detroit has a way to get past those dinnertime blues. The magazine is hosting a take-out bracket. It’s a friendly competition between restaurants all based on fan favorite votes.

Lyndsay Green, dining editor for Hour Detroit, and Rodger Bowser, chef and managing partner for Zingerman’s Deli, spoke to Tati Amare about the bracket. Green said this is the second year for the magazine’s bracket competition, last year focused on cocktails. She said it was a great way for people to know that they can still get delicious foods from restaurants that were still open during the COVID-19 lockdown, and they can support local 64 local businesses that were participating on the contest.

Watch the video about to see the sandwich is made from finalist Zingerman’s Deli.