Music Monday: This singer-songwriter will help you write your own song

Lilly MacPhee shares what keeps her inspired

Music Monday with Lilly Macphee on Live in the D

We've been doing Music Mondays just a little bit differently and as we continue to adapt to the new normal and practice social distancing we've added a new twist. Our talented friends are joining in on the fun by sharing their music from their home studios. Singer and songwriter Lilly MacPhee joined us today to share what has been keeping her inspired over quarantine.

She recently started her own commission songwriting business titled “Song for You.” It started with her love of writing songs. “I’ve always loved writing songs. I think that is my favorite part of music even when I hear music I’m instantly drawn to lyrics. I love helping people through music so if I can create a song for them, from their story I feel like that is something really special and a one of a kind gift,” Lily said. Watch the video above to hear her perform her song “Where you are” off her newest EP titled “Notes.”