Take a scavenger hunt in downtown Ann Arbor

Detroit Decode Escape Room opens in Ann Arbor with an outside adventure

Go on a scavenger Hunt Adventure on Live in the D
Go on a scavenger Hunt Adventure on Live in the D

Patton Doyle from Detroit Decode Escape Room shows us a way you can enjoy a scavenger hunt with your friends while staying safe at their new Detroit Decode Ann Arbor location.

Indoor entertainment is still closed in Michigan, but Decode Detroit has set up a free scavenger hunt that you can take with your friends in downtown Ann Arbor. You will visit different shops, mainly locally-owned, to find puzzles you can solve in each store. The scavenger hunt will have you visiting some of the most iconic spots in Ann Arbor.

If you want to play a shorter game, you can play right in front of Decode Detroit. The is a game called Around The World in 30 minutes and it is set up as a window display. You attempt to solve a puzzle on your personal mobile device and thing will happen in the storefront as you solve the correct clues.

Watch the video to learn more about Decode Detroit.

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