Get the family revved up for this fun activity

The Cub Scouts of America have a fun activity that everyone will enjoy.

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Want a new adventure to wrap up the summer? The Cub Scouts of America have an idea that you and the kids will enjoy. They are launching “Pinewood Derby 500,” a virtual derby where all kids can take part with their parents. Gina Circelli, with the Boy Scouts of America, spoke to Jason Carr about the Derby and how kids can get involved.

The Pinewood Derby 500 will take place Saturday, September 12. Derby cars built by kids across America will be raced at the Texas Motor Speedway. The race will be streamed on Facebook. Circelli says all kids can take part, regardless if they are Scouts or not. All they have do is order their kit online, put it together with the help of an adult, and mail it back by September 8th. For kids who cannot build it in time, they can still build a car and post a picture of it online.

Circelli says they got the idea after her team at Boy Scouts headquarter did something similar. She bonded with her own Dad trying to build her derby car and she thought kids across America would enjoy it too.

To learn more about the race and to find out how you and your family can join in , click on the video above.

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