Celebrate International Chocolate Day with Jojo’s Treats n' Sweets

Plymouth based chocolatier whips up chocolate covered pretzels with Tati

Jojo's Treats N Sweets on Live in the D

Jojo’s Treats n' Sweets owner Joanne McGinn joined Live In The D to share some of the unique chocolates and desserts offered at her store.

In addition to the classic white, milk, and dark chocolates, Jojo’s has several unique flavors and styles of candies. One unique chocolate option Jojo’s offers is their ruby chocolate, made from a rare breed of cacao. The chocolate is naturally pink and McGinn says its slightly fruity taste pairs well with raspberry and lemon flavors. She also says they carry a Swiss chocolate that doesn’t contain soy lecithin, which makes it a great option for anyone who can’t have soy.

McGinn also showed off her technique for making Jojo’s popular chocolate and caramel covered pretzels. She starts by wrapping a pretzel with a strand of Jojo’s house-made caramel. She then dips it in melted chocolate before coating it with toppings like peanuts and sprinkles.

She said that presentation is important when it comes to chocolate, because it’s not something that you eat every day, so it should be special. That’s why McGinn says they care about making sure their treats look as great as they taste.