Detroit Symphony Orchestra begins their digital concert series

Music Director Jader Bignamini talks to Live In The D about what audiences can expect this season

Detroit Symphony Orchestra digital concerts on Live in the D

COVID-19 may be limiting the ability for live audiences, but the Detroit Symphony Orchestra isn’t letting that stop them from bringing live music back to the city.

The DSO is beginning its 2020 season virtually this week, with a digital concert series that will broadcast live performances on Thursday and Friday nights. Events are currently scheduled though December. The broadcasts will be available to watch at the DSO website, along with information about tickets, events, and how to watch. Currently qualified subscribers will also receive access to the performances.

Director Jader Bignamini said that the DSO is making the best of the new restrictions placed on performances, saying that it’s not all bad news. He says that the switch to virtual performances gave them the opportunity to try out new pieces that wouldn’t normally be performed in live concert.

Bignamini said “We are energized at the opportunity to perform as an ensemble again and bring world class music into homes across Detroit and beyond.”