I love this photo

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flight attendants
flight attendants (WDIV)

No idea of the origin or who these stewardesses are, but I’m going to call them, from left to right, Bev, Carol, Inez and Judy. I’m aware I said stewardesses and not flight attendants. Back when this photo was taken they were stewardesses. And, if I had to guess, based on the fashion, the hair and the pattern on the seat upholstery, “back when” is about 1977ish.

My stepfather worked for Delta for 42 years so I was an airline brat growing up. This photo reminds me of all the times I was able to fly non-rev as an unaccompanied minor (non-rev meaning “free”) and have these lovely ladies fawning all over me. And back then, if there was room in first class, that’s where they’d seat you. Chicken Kiev from Dobbs ground service, all the Coke you can drink, magazines for days, and Carol leading you by the hand up to see the pilots.

Things. Have. Changed.

As for the upholstery on those seats, I absolutely remember that red and blue abstract pattern. It’s burned into memory. I’d even go so far as betting $100 that’s a 727 they’re on. And yes, there are absolutely ash trays in those arm rests.

Well, this has been a fun trip down memory lane but it’s time to put your tray tables up and prepare for departure.