Filmmaker Mike Young discusses his new movie “Adam”

Metro Detroit native directs an all-star cast in latest film

Mike Young discusses new movie "Adam" on Live in the D

Adam, a new film from Mike Young, features actors Aaron Paul and Jeff Daniels, and it all takes place right here in Detroit.

The story follows the real-life recovery of Adam Niskar, a Southfield resident who became paralyzed after diving into a shallow pool of water. Young wrote the screenplay based off of Niskar’s journal entries.

Young says he was drawn to the story by the notes of comedy that could be found in Niskar’s writing, even in the midst of tragedy.

Young has worked in stand-up comedy for 20 years. He opened for Bob Saget, going on a 20 city tour that ended right before quarantine closures began. He said that comedy is “way tougher” than drama, which made the transition a bit easier.

He said the most difficult part of the writing process was making sure he was honoring Niskar’s story, and incorporating those moments of levity into the script. Otherwise, the story seemed to “jump off the page” to him.

Young hopes that the film can help bring the film incentive back to Detroit, which he says is an incredibly versatile filming location.

Adam is streaming on virtual platforms now.