A new twist on pierogi in the D

Local store serves them up like you have never seen before.

Today is National Pierogi Day. This is classic polish food is traditionally served with onions or kielbasa. However, there is a local pierogi shop that is putting a new twist on this food, stuffing with them creative fillings or transforming into something brand new like a taco! The place is responsible for these fun creations is Pietrzyk Pierogi in Detroit.

Erica Pietrzyk joined the Jason Carr from Pietrzyk’s kitchen with her sous chef, Neal Murakami, to talk about her store and the different foods they serve.

Pietrzyk Pierogi has been at its location in Gratiot Central Market for about a year. They are started out as a mobile company, doing different pop ups around town. They still do pop up events, but they are also selling their pierogi’s at different super markets around town. They also have meal kits and run delivery service out of their store.

At their store, Pietrzyk sells a range of pierogi along with soups and different polish street eats. Some of these include the classic pierogi flavors, while others are more creative like their stuffed apple pierogi (which Erica says is best eaten with ice cream and caramel sauce). They also have fun pierogi inventions like their taco pierogi and Yaki rogi, their take on a Japanese pancake.

Erica and Neal showed us how these creative recipes come together. See it in the video above.

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