Movies to watch while you wait for election results

Movie reviewer Greg Russell gave his picks for election day flicks

Reel Talk - Movie picks for Election Day on Live in the D
Reel Talk - Movie picks for Election Day on Live in the D

Film Critic Greg Russell stopped by to share four movies about the presidency to help you wait for the results.

Russell’s first pick was The American President, featuring Michael Douglas and Annette Bening. In the film, Douglas plays a first term President and widower. His political reputation is damaged when he starts dating a lobbyist played by Bening, forcing him to make decisions between his political career and the woman he loves.

Next Russell talked about Head of State, a comedy starring Bernie Mac and Chris Rock. In the film, the Democratic party is desperate for a candidate after an accident leaves them without a nominee. They choose Chris Rock’s character, a low level politician, to fill in on short notice, and are surprised when his straightforward style gets him elected.

Another political comedy, My Fellow Americans, was next on Russell’s list. Two former presidents, played by Jack Lemmon and James Garner, find themselves thrown under the bus by the sitting president played by Dan Ackroyd. The two have to team up despite years of political bad blood, and go on a cross country journey to get Ackroyd’s character out of the Oval Office.

The final movie Russell had to recommend was Wag the Dog, which features an all-star cast of Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman. To distract from a Presidential Scandal, an advisor played by Anne Heche hires a spin doctor to invent a war. Together, the White House, the spin doctor, and a Hollywood film producer fabricate an entire foreign conflict just to save the president’s reputation.

For more of Russell’s movie suggestions, watch the video above.