This Katy Perry backup singer is making a name for herself

Cherri Black is taking advantage of quarantine to work on her own music

Cherri Black is someone you’ve seen on Live In The D and the Ford Fireworks. If you’ve been to a Katy Perry concert, you’ve likely seen her as well. Black has traveled the world with Katy Perry singing backup for the superstar. Now the musician says she’s home in Detroit and working on music of her own.

This time of year, Black would normally be on tour, but the pandemic has put in-person concerts on hold. She said she’s been keeping busy during quarantine with virtual performances, and working on music.

She said that near the beginning of the pandemic, she worked on a couple of virtual concerts with Katy Perry. She talked about her time touring with the musician before the shutdowns, saying that she was amazed by all the places she got to travel to. “It’s been amazing, and I’ve been so blessed just to be a part of that camp," Black said.

Working from home has given Black the chance to work on her own music as well, which she said will be coming soon. Black said she learned how to video edit, how to build a website, and has even been building a studio in her home to help keep making music during lockdown.

For Music Monday, Black chose to perform the song Hero. She said picked it because it is an inspiring song for these difficult times. “We look for a hero in others when you can be the hero yourself,” she said.

To hear Cherri Black’s performance, watch the video above.