These no-sew scarves make great holiday gifts

How to up your DIY game

No Sew Scarves on Live in the D
No Sew Scarves on Live in the D

Looking for gift ideas on a budget? Style Editor Jon Jordan has tips on how to make your own scarves this season, without even needing to know how to sew.

Jordan says that you can save money by buying fabric direct from fabric stores, then personalizing them how you like.

He showed that making a new scarf can be as easy as finding fabric you like, and literally tearing it in half. The tear creates a frayed edge, and by pulling on the loose strings, you can create a fringe to whatever length you like.

The fringe effect can work on larger fabrics too, and Jordan showed off an oversized blanket scarf he worked on. He said that fabric stores will cut your material to size for you, but you should make sure you pick a soft fabric to work with.

Jordan also showed off a few tricks you can use glue for when making a scarf. Faux furs and other fabrics that look better on one side can be glued in half to create a double-sided appearance. He said you could also use glue to add on decorative pieces, like floral appliques.

Jordan said he was also inspired by a scarf he bought in London. He said that by cutting a slit in the bottom of the scarf, you can tuck one end into the other to easily create a sophisticated draped look.

For more advice on how to style your homemade scarves, watch the video above.