Find your holiday gifts early at Rail and Anchor

This Royal Oak store has something for everyone

Shop Local - Rail and Anchor on Live in the D
Shop Local - Rail and Anchor on Live in the D

Rachel Rusnak from Rail and Anchor joined Live In The D to talk all about all the unique products you can find at the Royal Oak store.

Rusnak said that Rail and Anchor is proud of their friendly, intimate shopping experience that is based around building community. She says they offer eclectic items that you won’t be able to find find in big box stores. Because of all the unique goods they offer, they just might be the place to find the perfect gift for that friend or family member that’s hard to buy for.

Rail and Anchor gets its name from owners Matt and Mary Abraham. They wanted to create a modern version of a general store, and named their business after the two main methods that goods were transported back in the day.

One thing that Rail and Anchor features are local, Michigan made brands. Rusnak showed off Ace High hand sanitizer and Trip Wipes, two local products that are super handy during the pandemic.

Other gift ideas Rusnak showed off included plenty of games and activities for folks stuck at home. She said the National Parks puzzle was a big seller, along with the movie themed tarot cards, and a card game called The Art Game. She also showed off two bingo sets that would be great for a family game night. In addition to their puzzles and games, Rail and Anchor sells plenty of home goods like candles, pillows, and more.

Rail and Anchor is taking plenty of COVID-19 precautions, including limiting the number of customers in the store, requiring masks, and sanitizing frequently. Even with the new measures, Rusnak said she is pleasantly surprised to find that the community is still coming together and connecting during difficult times.