Want to celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month? Here’s how you can

Find your new, furry friend at Michigan Humane

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November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, and adding an older pet to your family comes with all kinds of benefits.

Older pets have so much love to give, but are sometimes passed over for younger animals, said Anna Chrisman, from Michigan Humane.

Mature pets seem to have a different bond with people, and it’s easy to know exactly what you are getting when they come into your home.

Most older pets are out of the bouncy puppy and kitten phase, Chrisman said.

Anna also introduced some animals: An adorable kitten named Aurora, along with Moon, a 10-year-old cat that loves cuddles.

If you would like to adopt this cute cat, the Mike Morse Law Firm will cover the standard adoption fees. Watch the video, above, for more information.