These 5 smart tech devices can help you stay safe, organized this holiday season -- at home or away

These ideas are perfect for multitaskers, list makers or those who want to stay organized

Smart home tech for the holidays on Live in the D
Smart home tech for the holidays on Live in the D

If you’re a multitasker, list maker or you just want to stay organized and safe this holiday season, there are some helpful tech devices to keep you safe at home, or anywhere you need to roam.

Aside from being helpful, these devices are easy to use and just might make your life a little easier.

1. The Care Smart Watch

This is perfect for seniors and caregivers who are looking to simplify life and make it easier to track loved ones.

The watch comes with a number of pre-loaded messages that make it simple for seniors to respond to text messages. There’a also a streamlined three-touch navigation for accessing contacts, placing calls or responding to text messages.

A timer, stopwatch, volume and ringtone controls allow the user to customize their watch to their lifestyle. Caregivers can set up to 10 trusted contacts in their loved one’s watch for calling or texting (including a one-button emergency contact). Only those predesignated contacts can call or text the wearer, eliminating the worry of fraudsters getting in touch with seniors.

Caregivers can set up personalized reminders for medication, doctor appointments, birthdays and more through the watch’s app. Setting reminders helps seniors stay focused, connected and able to perform critical daily tasks.

2. The Mophie UV Sanitizer with wireless charging

This UV sanitizer kills the most common surface bacteria on your phone without using damaging heat, liquid or chemicals. Four UV-C bulbs sanitize your phone, killing up to 99.9% of bacteria on all the hardest to reach surfaces. You can also sanitize other small devices like keys, remote controls and earbuds in just five minutes, without loud buzzing or fans.

3. The Arlo video doorbell

Need to check on mom and dad across town? This provides motion-activated notifications and allows you to livestream the footage on your phone and tablet.

Night vision ensures that you can always see what’s happening, even in low light or the middle of the night. The built-in Smart Siren, which alerts intruders they’ve been detected, can be triggered automatically or remotely, depending on your preference. Easy installation allows you to plug in directly to existing doorbell wiring.

4. The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW

If you want a 5G-powered phone that will get things done quicker, this one offers studio quality photos with its quad-lens camera. A 64 MP main lens captures crystal-clear images in stunning detail, even in low light conditions -- say, for example, if your car breaks down and you need to text a loved one with your location and situation.

5. The Google Nest Hub Max

This is a great device for all around versatility for everyone in the family.

Use voice commands like: “Hey Google, call Mom.” Its built-in camera allows you to make video calls to friends and family all via voice commands. And you can leave video messages for each other on Nest Hub Max.

You can also check in on your home when you’re away with the built-in Nest Cam, and receive motion and sound alerts. With a Nest Aware subscription, you will also get continuous video recording and familiar face alerts -- right to your smartphone.

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