Repair damaged winter hair with these easy tricks

Fighting frizz with style editor Jon Jordan

Repair your hair on Live in the D

Winter air and dry heat from blasting furnaces can leave your hair looking less than flawless. Style Editor Jon Jordan shared his tips on combating winter frizz.

You don’t have to be a pro to find great products, and Jordan says to look for buzzwords like “smooth” and “repair.” He says products labeled with keratin are great for taking frizz down, and just need to be left on damp hair. Jordan said he got most of his products and tips from Sally Beauty, and recommends going to the pros for tailored hair care advice

One surprising product Jordan says is a must-have for the winter is humidity proof spray. He says that people don’t realize how much snow impacts their hair, and having that spray can help tone down frizz on the go.

Another year-round issue Jordan tackled was how to prevent fading color in hair. He said if you’re looking to tone down brassy tones and maintain dyes, purple shampoos will help retain the vibrant color. If you’re looking to enhance darker tones, try dark brown shampoos. Neither can stop fading completely, but they’ll help prolong the life of your color.

Jordan also gave a few tips on promoting general hair health, including haircare vitamins, and nourishing shampoos. He also talked about starting a routine with heavy-duty overnight conditioners. Tati chimed in with her approval, saying that these can be a “game changer” for your hair.

For more of Jon Jordan’s style tips, watch the video above.