Don’t delay your annual eye exam: ‘Taking care of your eyes is just as important as eating right and exercising’

Doing more screen time lately? Make sure your eyes are healthy

Many children and adults are spending a lot more time in front of screens lately, which can cause eye strain.

All this screen time might also reveal that an eye exam for eyeglasses or an update on your prescription should be put on your schedule.

Our sponsor, Pearle Vision, is encouraging people to set up an eye appointment so they can stop the struggle with eye issues.

Chief Marketing Officer for Pearle Vision, Doug Zarkin, joined Jason Carr to discuss how an eye exam is something the entire family should get, and how to take care of your eyes considering the increased screen time.

Zarkin said taking care of your eyes is just as important as eating right and exercising.

Around the age of 40, Zarkin said, a person will sometimes start to experience trouble reading up close or far away, and that is the time to get an eye exam and perhaps get a pair of glasses or contacts.

Zarkin said it is especially important for kids to get an eye exam due to the increase in screen time associated with online or virtual schooling.

Watch the video above to see how you can take care of your eyes while you work or go to school. For more information about eye care or to set up an exam, click or tap here.