Get home cooking help from a professional celebrity chef

Metro Detroit native chef has cooked for rap stars and first ladies alike

Celebrity Chef Darrell "Das" Smith on Live in the D

Darrell “Das” Smith says he’s always wanted to take his career in cooking “as far as it can go,” and with celebrity clients like Michelle Obama and Sean Combs it certainly seems like he’s made it. Now he’s hoping to help you in your own home kitchen with a product that can help take some of the stress out of cooking.

Originally from Ypsilanti, Smith said he always had an entrepreneurial spirit and that he’s always loved food. He said he’d never have imagined food could have taken him to the places it has.

Smith said that in the industry, everything is about relationships, and that when you work hard, and you cook with your passion and soul, people recognize it.

“I’m super grateful that I’m from a state like Michigan and a city like Ypsilanti, that taught me so much about blue collar work and what it takes to work hard,” Smith said. “I owe a lot of that to my home state of Michigan.”

Now, Smith has come out with Spice Sack custom spice blends. Their three flavors include Chefs Blend for everyday seasoning, Seafood Splash to add a kick to your seafood, and the French Toast for their sweet flavor profile.

Smith says the French Toast mix has been their most popular product, with people putting it in everything from oatmeal to coffee, and more obviously, in their french toast batter.

His last tip for home chefs? You can always add more seasoning, but it’s hard to take it away. Taste while you go to make sure you’re getting the flavor you want.

To find out where you can get your own spice mixes from Spice Sack watch the video above.