An open spot for all to express themselves in the heart of the D

OpenSpot Theatre is a welcoming space for everyone of all needs.

Heart of Detroit - OpenSpot Theatre on Live in the D
Heart of Detroit - OpenSpot Theatre on Live in the D

In 2015, two actors/educators started 4th Wall Theatre Company. Katie Mann and Annie Klark started the company for actors with special needs. The organization gave these actors a place to really shine on stage and teaches them everything from acting to singing to dance. Mitch Albom first met the duo when the organization had just started. Recently, he revisited the pair for his Heart of Detroit series to see how they have expanded.

The first big change the organization made was there name. They are now known as OpenSpot Theatre and have gone from a local organization to national one. Mann and Klark have opened chapters in Pittsburgh and New York and are looking to open more. They also teach students from all over the country with their virtual classes. The classes are open to everyone.

Katie Mann and Annie Klark sat down for an interview with Tati Amare to explain how anyone can get involved. Find out how in the video below.

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