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“Outside The Wire” is an action-packed adventure available now on Netflix

Reel Talk - Outside the Wire on Live in the D

Marvel star Anthony Mackie is back in a new sci-fi action flick called Outside The Wire. Film critic Greg Russell got the chance to sit down and talk with Mackie and his co-star Damson Idris about what it took to make the movie.

Outside the Wire follows Lt. Thomas Harp, a drone pilot who gets into trouble and is reassigned to be partnered with Anthony Mackie’s character, Leo. Harp soon finds out that there’s more to Leo than he first thought, and discovers he is actually an extremely life-like robot. The film then follows their struggle to work together in a war zone to prevent a nuclear attack.

Mackie talked about stepping into the role, and trying to give life to a robot character, while still being a mean, lean, fighting machine. “You think cyborg you think mechanical,” Mackie said, “He did have humanity, he did have feelings, he did have an understanding of the world around him, he wasn’t just a circuit board.”

Mackie is no stranger to the city, having played played in several Detroit-centric films like 8 Mile and Detroit. He said he loves Detroit and would grab some coneys with Greg once he came back to town.

For Russell’s full review and more, watch the video above.