Want to level up your TV viewing experience?

NextGen TV introduces brand new ways to watch

NextGen TV on Live in the D
NextGen TV on Live in the D

Stuck inside watching TV this winter? NextGen TV wants to help you make the most of it by providing the best possible experience, including higher quality connection, sound, and picture.

Steve Multer from NextGen TV visited the show to talk about how this new TV experience works.

He said that this is the future of TV, and is revolutionizing how viewers watch broadcast. Essentially, NextGen TV merges the best of TV with the best of the internet, making it easier than ever to stream your favorite shows and movies. It also allows your local broadcasters to personalize your news, sports, emergency alerts and more to get you directly to the content you want to see.

Fortunately Detroit is one of the cities that got ahead of the curve and adapted NextGen TV early. You can see which stations are using it and how you can get in on the new wave of television viewing by watching the video above.