A grandmother’s recipe spells success for local dessert company

This treat helps people with allergies enjoy dessert

Ethel's Dessert Bars on Live in the D

There is a local treat that is celebrating a big milestone and it is all thanks to a simple recipe from Grandma. Ethel’s Baking Company just moved into a 19,000 square foot facility in Metro Detroit. The company creates dessert bars that can be found in many places you shop around town like the bakery section in Meijer, Whole Foods, and Plum Market and Fresh Thyme. Owner Jill Bommarito joined Tati Amare to talk about how the company got to where it is at.

According to Bommarito, Ethel’s Baking Company started in 2011 with the Pecan Dandy bar. Her grandmother made the recipe while Jill was growing up and was a big influence in her life. The dessert bars harken back to a time when cooks like Bommarito’s grandmother took their time preparing food using wholesome ingredients. That is how Ethel’s bars are made today. The bars are also gluten free because Bommarito’s family has been dealing with Celiac Disease for over 40 years.

The bars come in various flavors, like Raspberry Crumble, Cinnamon Crumble, and Turtle Dandy. You can also order them by visiting the Ethel Baking Company’s website. Right now, you can get ten dollars off your order with the code “live10” plus free shipping.

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