Beer Blankets may be the best way to enjoy a cold one this winter

Have you ever heard of one before?

Beer Blankets from Well Done Goods and Batch Brewing Company on Live in the D

These challenging times have given rise to new partnerships and collaborations to help our small businesses survive, and often these partnerships lead to even more possibilities, including Beer Blankets.

What is a Beer Blanket? Well, it’s all in the name: It is a heavy blanket meant to keep you warm as you enjoy a beer outdoors, as many restaurants and bars have moved to patios, even in the cold weather, to expand their seating.

The invention was created out of a partnership between two popular Detroit businesses, Well Done Goods by Cyberoptix and Batch Brewing Company. The owners of these two businesses, Bethany Shorb and Stephen Roginson, joined “Live in the D” host Jason Carr to talk more about it.

Roginson has moved his brewery to be an entirely outdoor operation, due to the pandemic, and he needed a way to help keep his customers warm as we entered the winter months.

Roginson reached out on social media to see if anyone had ideas and could help, and Shorb had just the idea.

Her business is known for making many textile goods, with interesting screen printing on them, and she decided to make a blanket with the Batch Brewing logo on it for people to use while dining outdoors. The blanket is very thick, perfect for keeping you warm in the winter, and great to use as a picnic blanket in the summer.

Since then, the business has expanded to make masks, hoodies, hats and so much more.

To see the full interview with Shorb and Roginson, watch the video above.

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