Detroit rock icon shares his love for the city

Alice Cooper talks about his legendary rock and roll past and his new album, “Detroit Stories”

Alice Cooper Detroit Stories on Live in the D

We all know there is something about that “Detroit Sound”. whether it’s Motown, Jazz, or EDM, our influence on music history is legendary. For instance, when you think of Hard Rock and Detroit one name that comes to mind is Alice Cooper. Cooper joined Jason Carr to talk about Detroit, and how it has had a large impact on him and his music. Cooper also spoke about his new album, “Detroit Stories” which is being released Friday.

Cooper moved from Detroit when he was 10 years old, but he said the city never left him. He then went on to say that Detroit has a concrete place in hard rock history, not just through his music as rock music’s villain, but other entertainers like Suzi Quatro and Iggy Pop as well. Cooper also talked about how another Detroit sound, Motown, is incorporated into his new album, highlighting how the influence of the “Detroit Sound” is perfect for some of his songs and all music genres.

Watch the video about to hear more “Stories” from Alice Cooper.