Check out the three new flicks hitting screens this weekend

“Coming 2 America”, “Raya the Last Dragon”, and “Moxie”! are all available now

Reel Talk - Coming 2 America, Raya and the Last Dragon, and Moxie! on Live in the D

Greg Russell is back with his thoughts on the latest movies to come to a theater near you.

First, Russell covered Coming 2 America, the sequel to the 1988 original staring Eddy Murphy and Arsenio Hall. The duo are back in America after Eddy Murphy’s character finds out he has a long lost son in New York City. They set off to find him so he can eventually take his father’s title as king.

He said the movie has a great “reunion factor,” with the entire original cast returning along with characters from other popular Eddy Murphy movies.

Jason earlier got the chance to chat with the head animator for Disney’s latest film Raya and the Last Dragon, and now Russell got the chance to review it. The film follows a girl that tries to unite a divided country by finding the last dragon and bringing peace back to the country.

He said it’s another great family film, but gives the heads up that it may be a bit serious for younger audiences. He said some of the themes are a little dark, and kids 8 and up are more likely to enjoy it.

Finally, Russell reviewed Moxie! a high school story from the mind of Amy Poehler. She plays a mom who’s daughter starts a school magazine to combat the sexism she deals with from her peers.

The film’s star Hadley Robinson said that her character, like many girls and women, had a moment of realization where she thought “Oh, I see what’s going on here and I have no choice but to do something.”

For Russell’s full review, watch the video above.