Daylight Saving is here: what could you give up for an hour?

Think 24 hours isn’t enough? Try 23.

What's the Buzz - Giving up an hour on Live in the D

Daylight Saving Time is upon us, which means we all lost an hour over the weekend. Today for What’s The Buzz, Jason chatted with Blaine Fowler, Mike Bonner, and Vanessa Cohen about what they would be able to give up if they had one less hour in the day.

First, Jason asked if anyone would be able to give up their phone for an hour a day. Bonner was excited about the idea, saying he would probably benefit from some time away from social media. Fowler and Cohen on the other hand said that they could hardly imagine giving up their phone for very long. Cohen said that her phone is an addiction, and you’d have to take it away from her for her to be able to give it up.

Next Jason wondered if the guests would give up time with family and friends. Pretty much everyone was in agreement on this point, saying that time with loved ones is too valuable to miss out on. “If anything, we’ve learned over the past year it’s the time that we have with our friends and family that we value more,” Fowler said.

Since most folks have been watching more during quarantine, would anyone be able to give up watching TV or streaming? Surprisingly, everyone said that they would be able to give up Netflix, though Fowler said he’d need to keep his TV around so he wouldn’t miss out on sports.

Finally, Jason asked if anyone would be able to lose an hour of sleep each night. While Cohen said she didn’t notice the missing hour, the other guests were completely opposite. Fowler said that as a morning radio host, every second of sleep is precious, and Mike said he wouldn’t want to give up any more sleep to his insomnia.

To hear their full conversation, watch the video above.