Are your pets ready for spring?

Michigan Humane has tips for heading into warmer weather

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As the weather warms up and we spend more time outside in the sun, so do our outdoor pets.

Devan Bianco from Michigan Humane provided some steps you can take to help make sure your pets stay safe outside.

She said there are three major things to think about when it comes to keeping animals safe this spring:

1.) Flea and tick prevention

Fleas and ticks are part of the changing season, so make sure you’re using flea and tick prevention products. These pests aren’t just annoying for your pets, they can be harmful to the whole family.

2.) Heartworm tests

Dogs should get tested for heartworm every 12 months, so if you haven’t scheduled your pooch yet, now’s the time. Michigan Humane offers testing at its vet centers, so go to the website or call to see what is available for you.

3.) Microchip and ID tag info

Spring is also a great time to make sure your pet’s microchip information is up to date. If you don’t have a microchip yet, Bianco recommends you call and schedule something with your vet to get one.

If your pet gets loose, it’s the best way to get them back home safe.

Bianco was also joined by our pet of the week, Suzy, a 6-month-old kitten.

Bianco said Suzy is very sweet and cuddly, though she can be a bit nervous around dogs. Bianco recommends that Suzy goes to a home without any dogs around to startle her.

As the pet of the week, Suzy’s adoption fees will be covered by the Mike Morse Law Firm.

For more information on Michigan Humane, watch the video above.