Find love for you and your pet on these dating apps

It’s matchmaking for pet parents

Dating in the D with Pet Parents

What do you do when your potential significant other doesn’t like your cat or dog? This happened to Leigh D’Angelo’s sister. She was dating a guy who just didn’t mesh well with her pet-friendly lifestyle. So Leigh decided to help her sister and others in her situation, by creating a dating app that is designed for pet parents to find love. Dig Dates is dedicated to canine parents or lovers, and Tabby Dates is focused on cat-friendly singles. The apps have traditional protocols, like swiping left or right, and finding someone in your specific location. However, there are other questions that are more pet-focused, like how much you spend on your pet, or if your dog or cat is allowed on the bed or your sofa.

Watch the video above to learn more about Dig Dates and Tabby Dates apps.

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