How to protect the young athlete in your life

Prevent injuries during summer sports this year

The Core institute protecting young athletes on Live in the D

As the weather warms up, young athletes are ready to head back to playing their favorite sports, but safety comes first.

That’s why it’s important to take sports injuries seriously, especially in young players.

“Live in the D” host Tati Amare chatted with Dr. William Kesto, an orthopedic surgeon at The Core Institute, about how to keep your young athlete safe while preventing injuries.

Kesto said that most young athletes suffer from overuse, especially baseball pitchers. Common injuries include tendonitis or a torn rotator cuff.

A new problem that is being seen more frequently in young athletes is ligament injuries, which can lead to Tommy John surgery.

Kesto explained that this injury is usually seen in older athletes, but young athletes may not rest and condition enough, which leads to stress on their tendons and ligaments, causing them to snap.

Kesto suggested giving your young athlete more rest time or allowing that person to play other sports that may target different parts of the body, which can help with speedier recoveries.

If your young athlete is struggling to participate, showing new signs of weakness, swelling, or if there is a contact injury, Kesto said it may be time to call a professional for a closer look.

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