Should your pets be allowed on the furniture?

What’s The Buzz asks what kind of furry friends you have

What's the Buzz - Rules for pets on Live in the D

Today for What’s The Buzz, host Jason Carr wanted to know more about our friends of the show, specifically their pets! Jason said he already has a dog family of Charlie Tickles and Violet, so he brought in Local Veterinarian Corey Gut, comedian Mike Bonner and co-founder of The Cohen Brand Vanessa Cohen to talk about their furry (and not so furry) friends.

Gut, just like Jason, said her family is rocking the big dog/little dog combo with Gypsy the golden retriever, and Rhino the goofball pug. Bonner said his family pet is his daughter’s prized rabbit named Blackie. Cohen on the other hand, got a little unconventional.

“We’re a reptile family,” she said. They started out with a ball python, and today she brought out Iggy, the family’s bearded dragon.

As for fun pet names, Gut thinks the name has to match the pet, whether in names or personality. As a vet, she sees her fair share of fun pet names. Right now, she says there’s been a huge boom in pets named “Rona,” along with other COVID inspired names and nicknames.

Every pet has a favorite, and these ones are no exception. Cohen’s bearded dragon loves her son Aiden, who holds him all day, and Bonner’s rabbit is crazy about his daughter Micah. At the Gut household, apparently Rhino favors Gut and her daughter, but Gypsy is more of a daddy’s girl.

Should pets be allowed on furniture? Cohen said her reptiles stay off the bed, but that her kids let them on theirs. Bonner said his daughter’s rabbit will follow her into any room she goes into. “Our dogs are everywhere,” said Gut. There are scratch marks and fur everywhere, but she said that she wouldn’t be able to sleep without Rhino the pug snoring in her ear.

To hear the full conversation, watch the video above.