Style up your next staycation

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan shows off easy style ideas that will give you vacation vibes even if you are staying put.

Staycation Style on Live in the D

Your big getaway might be on hold right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice, stylish vacation. Local Four Style Editor Jon Jordan has a few ideas on how to pull this off, from your surroundings to your activities.

One of Jon’s staycation ideas is all about inactivity. “Don’t do anything.” Jon says use your staycation time to take a nap or sit back and read that book that you have been putting off.

To help yourself feel like you are on vacation, change up your surroundings. Jon recommends surrounding yourself with things that remind you of your dream destination, whether that be books about Paris or tropical plants.

If you are going for the tropical vibe, a little self-tanner can give you that island glow. Jon recommends applying it with exfoliation gloves to really get that sun kissed look and keep your hands clean. He also has a trick for applying it in hard-to-reach places like your back. Click on the video above to see how. Hint it will involve a quick trip to the hardware store.

About the Author:

Natalia is the Producer with Live in the D and has been with Local 4 since April 2019. She loves to highlight the fun things happening around the D.