Greg Russell has something for everyone on this week’s Reel Talk

Reviewing “Vanquish” and “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me” on Live in the D

Reel Talk - Dad Stop Embarassing Me and Vanquish on Live in the D

Two Academy Award-winners are out with new projects this weekend, and film critic Greg Russell stopped by Live In The D to share his thoughts on them.

First up on Reel Talk was a new Netflix family sitcom from Jamie Foxx called Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, based on his real-life experiences with his daughter Corrine.

Foxx said that growing up with Corinne, there were plenty of unique, sitcom-worthy moments. Then one day they realized they could make it happen. “She’s now my boss,” Foxx said, hinting that as his executive producer, she doesn’t shy away from giving him critiques on set.

He says that they’ve found a star in Kyla-Drew, who plays Corinne. Kyla-Drew said working with Jamie was a great experience, and that she really had fun getting to play an angsty teen.

Next, Russell took a look at a new action thriller film from Morgan Freeman and Ruby Rose, Vanquish. In the film, Freeman plays a former cop with dirty dealings who enlists the help of Ruby Rose by kidnapping her daughter.

Rose said she was drawn to the role because at the core of the story it’s about a single mom who will do anything to protect her daughter. She also loved playing a character who is reluctant to be an action hero. “It’s just a different ballgame,” Rose said.

She had nothing but compliments for her co-star Freeman. She said that, “the journey we take was so much easier to do alongside someone that is so good at what they do.”

To see Russell’s full reviews, and interviews with the cast, watch the video above