Turn your old clothes into cash

Clothes Mentor in Rochester Hills is all about making sure clothes don’t end up in the trash

Earth Week - Clothes Mentor on Live in the D

Every year you probably look at the clothes in your closet and wonder, why do I still have that? Before you throw those old items into the trash or a donation pile, take a look and see if it’s something in good condition. You can turn those items into cash.

Clothes Mentor in Rochester Hills is all about reselling clothes that are still in perfect condition, and they want you to have a different opinion of resale shops. You can get brand name items at this store from Louis Vuitton to Dooney & Bourke. Live In The D host Tati Amare spoke to the store’s owner to learn more about what they sell and how people can earn money with items they’re ready to get rid of.

Watch the video above to see if it’s something that could put a little extra cash in your pocket.